Friends of Mandritsara

Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar January 2017

Eye Clinic I was very pleased to welcome Hanitra back to the eye clinic last week. The past six weeks have provided me with several challenges and learning opportunities. Little twelve year old Kenedy came to the eye department just after Christmas, having walked four days over the rainforest to get treatment. She had been hospitalized near her home for a month without getting better, so her Dad and Uncle walked with her to get help in Mandritsara. Her eyes were so infected that she could hardly open them; she looked dejected and she was covered in a rash. Sadly, it became apparent that she had been allegedly raped while collecting water from the river. She was suffering from syphilis and gonorrhea. Her eyes were so badly infected for so long that even after treatment she is now partially sighted, only seeing up to three metres away. I found it very upsetting to see this lovely little girl so hurt and I couldn’t see her without tears in my eyes….

Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar January 2017


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