Friends of Mandritsara

News of Cyclone Enawo from Mandritsara 15 March 2017

Dear Friends,

Further to our letter last week with news of Cyclone Enawo bearing down on Mandritsara, many have been praying and then phoning or writing to ask for news of what has happened. So we are sending this, with grateful thanks for your prayers, and with a deep consciousness that “God holds the key of all unknown.”

The cyclone caused major damage to parts of Madagascar, particularly along the east coast. Maroantsetra is a town 60 miles from Mandritsara. Patients from there walk to the Good News Hospital. There was much damage in the town and surrounding area. Antalaha, a town on the north-east coast, 100 miles from Mandritsara, was almost completely flattened with at least 50% of the population left homeless. Overall 300,000 people have been affected, 85,000 are homeless, 200 injured and 78 people have died according to the latest statistics. But communications are very difficult in these areas and things may be worse than this….

News of Cyclone Enawo


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