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Sarah German’s News – March 2017

“Taste and see that the LORD is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him…those who seek the LORD lack no good thing” Psalm 34v8-9

Helimission: Thank you for praying for my Helimission trip with the Community Health team at the end of January. In terms of the value of the time spent with the Community Health team building up my relationship with them, increasing my understanding of their work and increasing my understanding of village life which directly improves my understanding of patients and local people, the trip was a real success and an invaluable time. In terms of seeing and meeting children with disabilities and their families – which was the aim of the trip – it is perhaps more difficult for me to judge how effective the time was. I didn’t have a translator to work with (the rest of the team were very busy with the vaccination program) which limited
communication and also the village wasn’t prepared for the work that I had come to do so there were lots of stories of children with disabilities living in or near the village but who weren’t there. Nonetheless I learned a lot and it was good to reflect together with the Community Health team about how to improve things for the next trip. It’s interesting to see how often God works in different ways to what our intentions are. I had in mind meeting the needs of children with disabilities and feeling like I had tangible results at the end and the feeling of satisfaction at a ‘task’ completed. I think God used this trip more to show me more of His character of the importance of relationships, being dependent on others rather than me being the expert to be learned from and the important and ongoing task here of seeking to understand people different from myself more and more so I can love and care for them better….

Sarah German’s News – March 2017


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