Friends of Mandritsara

Sherratts’ Serving April 2017

When the LORD goes through the land to strike down the Egyptians, He will see the blood on the top and sides of the door-frame and will pass over that doorway…” Exodus 12

The Exodus account of the events remembered at the Jewish Passover festival provide an important interpretive key to Easter. It was very deliberate timing (on God’s part) that Jesus’ death and resurrection took place over the Passover festival weekend. The ‘last supper’ Passover meal where Jesus spent some of his final hours with his disciples included elements of memorial symbolism and was intended as an annual reminder to Hebrew minds and hearts of divine rescue through judgement and salvation. All the more staggering then, that Jesus rewrote the Passover liturgy that night – in favour of a ‘new covenant’ founded on better blood poured out for the salvation of many….

Sherratts’ Serving April 2017


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