Friends of Mandritsara

Mann’s update 29th June 2017

Dear Friends,

Tragedy in Mandritsara

We have received this sad news and urgent request for prayer from Matt Sherratt:
“I write this to you late Sunday evening after having just come back from the ward. I am not on-call but was called in for a ‘major incident’ after a number of children were brought in, with injuries of varying severity, following a ‘trampling’ which occurred at the conclusion of festivities at the stadium here in Mandritsara. Each year, to mark the 26th June (Madagascar’s National Day), there is a parade through town the evening of the 25th. Children carry lanterns and are full of excitement. There is lots of noise and music. This evening, after the parade, there were festivities and fireworks at the sports stadium. and lights… followed by more of the same plus fireworks at the stadium. Sadly, this evening, at the close of the festivities, there was a rush to exit the stadium. In the pandemonium, a number of children fell and were trampled on. Two died on arrival at the Good News Hospital. Nine more are currently on the ward. One is in a seriously ill condition.

Please pray for Dr Adrien and Brigid MacKenzie who are on-call this evening. And please pray for the bereaved families and those caring for their children in the hospital as I write this. And please pray for all the children – that their treatment would be correct and that the Lord would use our efforts to His glory.”…

Mann’s update 29th June 2017


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