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Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar July 2017

Challenge of Importing Medicines
This month has provided me with a bit more time to catch up on all the administration for the eye department. Sadly, we have to date been unable to secure the release of the ophthalmic drugs through customs despite all our efforts and prayers. After two meetings with the Minister of Health in Tana, we are no further forward. We have been in communication with other NGO’s to hear their experiences and have learnt that one organization had the same problem and has had to stop importing medicines from abroad. Of course, this has major implications for our project. Until now, we have tried to source as many medicines as possible from Madagascar, but for those not available, we have been able to import. We have therefore been able to provide a high standard of health care in our rural setting. The annual supply of general medicines for the hospital from abroad has also now been delayed while we try to get the necessary paperwork completed before export. Please continue to pray for this very difficult and delicate situation. On a more positive note, we are very pleased that we can now obtain our main glaucoma drug from Madagascar. On average we see about ten new patients every month with sight threatening glaucoma and many elderly patients from the villages send a family member to the hospital to buy their supply of their glaucoma drop that will last them for the coming few months….

Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar July 2017


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