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Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar August 2017

This month really has been about water. At this time of year, the land is parched and water is starting to become scarce. We are mindful of the lack of water as we fill buckets and we reuse dirty water for loo flushing. We have watched the progress of the Swiss team with great interest and every week they have made incredible progress. Two weeks ago, all hospital staff were invited to come and see the completed reservoir and were even given the opportunity to climb down into it if they had the courage! Over the following two days, the reservoir received water from the town’s supply during the night and it began to fill up. Water could now be pumped from the reservoir up to the existing water tower and then distributed to hospital departments and the houses on site. The water pressure needed to be adjusted appropriately and then WOW!!! There is now running water! It really is incredible….

Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar August 2017


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