Friends of Mandritsara

Vicky Hopley’s prayer letter February 2018

Thunderstorms: it is absolutely fantastic that this year there is a good rainfall. For the past week it has rained nearly every evening. We have had some dramatic thunderstorms as well. Lightning strikes have hit our houses and hospital buildings causing damage to electrical items. Thankfully, no one has been hurt. The hospital continues to be fairly quiet, as most people are now out planting rice. They only come to the hospital if they really have to. The heat and humidity of the day is absolutely exhausting, but thankfully, with all the rain, we now have running water and being able to have a refreshing shower makes all the difference. The rain cools things down overnight, but by the mid-morning it heats up again.

Mr. Radesana, the retired hospital evangelist passed away at the end of January. Three days’ of wake followed and a funeral that was attended by hundreds of people, a fitting tribute to the man who is considered a key element in the growth of the church in the villages around Mandritsara.

Bonne Annee: New Year festivities continue for the first two to three months in Madagascar. Yesterday, at church, the leaders were honored by the giving of a chicken. During the little speech, it was explained that the gift would bring blessing whatever they decided to do with the chicken, whether it became a shared meal, whether they sold it or whether it was kept for breeding or eggs. The festivities continued yesterday when the Voice of the Good News radio station hosted their new year party. Several hundred people were present and they hosted a Mandritsara style talent show. I particularly enjoyed watching a dance routine by some of the children who come to the Saturday club. It was a really good opportunity for radio listeners from all parts of town and surrounding villages to come together in a time of celebration.

 Ophthalmic Medicines

The situation with the ophthalmic medicines has finally come to a conclusion and although it is a disappointing outcome for us, we are very grateful that the annual supply of general medicines to the hospital has arrived. We are also thankful for a kind donation to the eye department of a new operating microscope which is already installed in the ophthalmic operating theatre.


Give thanks for:

  1. An abundance of rain.
  2. The new operating microscope for the eye department.
  3. Continued health and protection.


Please pray for:

  1. Radesana’s family as they deal with their loss.
  2. Strength and wisdom for the missionary team as we cope with our work commitments in the heat and humidity.
  3. The Voice of the Good News Radio station as it broadcasts daily across the Mandritsara district.




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