Friends of Mandritsara

Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar June 2018

Update: it was good to meet with the department of education and request some help for Jorez during her exams. We were well received but, as of yet, we have had no response. I have
prescribed the equivalent of a magnifier in some reading glasses and a very kind colleague in the UK is making up the glasses for her. This will at least give Jorez the best possible vision during
the exams.

A Walk to Beautiful: in the west, good accessible antenatal and obstetric care means that most women do not have to suffer long complicated labour. Here in Madagascar, along with other
nations, many women live in villages several days walk from a surgical centre. They may be in labour for several days and then lose the baby, suffering terrible internal damage in the process.
Many women die in childbirth, but those who survive are often left with ruptures in their bladder and/or bowels (fistula). This means that they are constantly passing urine and/or faeces. They
smell terribly and are outcasts in society. Over the past two weeks, the hospital’s surgical team has been working flat out during a visit from Dr. Ambaye, an Ethiopian fistula surgeon. 39
women were operated on and are now recovering at the hospital. If you have a spare 51 minutes, please watch “A Walk to Beautiful”, a documentary available on YouTube. It highlights the
plight of these women and how the surgery and the love and attention they receive is life changing…

Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar June 2018


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