Friends of Mandritsara

Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar August 2018

Friends with Low Vision
I wrote in a previous letter about Jorez, who has albinism and needed help during her exams due to her partial sight. I am pleased to report that we have found a compromise solution. A very kind colleague in the UK has made up some magnifying glasses which enable Jorez to see normal sized print as long as she moves her head close to the page. In order to see to her maximum potential using these glasses, she needs extra light. The Director of Education has agreed that she will be given a seat next to the window during the exams. I am satisfied that the combination of the magnifying lenses and the extra light will allow her to see adequately during her exams. Although we have found a solution for Jorez, the issue still remains that there is so little support for those with disability and is an ongoing concern….

Vicky Prayerletter August 2018


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