Friends of Mandritsara

Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar January 2019

Rainy Season
We continue to have good rainfalls and are grateful that the recent tropical storm brought another good downpour without causing flooding. The level of the river in town is high, but passable. It is now the height of the planting season for rice, corn and peanuts.

Eye, Rat and the Measles
The eye clinic has been challenging but manageable so far this year. There have been a few sad cases, so it’s nice to be able to laugh when appropriate. We had a chap walk for two days to get to the eye clinic because of a sore eye. It turns out the he had a significantly sized foreign body in his eye for the past year. We successfully removed the object and gave him some eye ointment. We were a little surprised to see him back in the clinic the following day. A rat had run off with his
ointment during the night so he needed some more!…

Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar January 2019


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