Friends of Mandritsara

Friends of Mandritsara Afternoon of Prayer 27th April 2019

Friends of Mandritsara Afternoon of Prayer

Trinity Road Chapel

27 April 2019

1.00 Buffet lunch

2.00 Opening, welcome, hymn, scripture meditation, praise.

2.15 Mandritsara: What have we left behind? Mat and Katy Linley

2.30 The Good News Hospital: Gospel proclamation

2.40 The Good News Hospital: Surgical. John Whitaker speaks to Joel Chin

2.50 The Good News Hospital: Medical and Nursing. Katy Linley speaks to Nathan Lawrence

3.00 The Good News Hospital: Maternity, Paramedical. Tamsin Booth speaks to Catherine Grierson

3.10 The Good News Hospital: Eye Department, MAF, Nursing School ESFI. Vicky Hopley

3.20 The Good News Hospital: Administration, Tana Office, Oasis Guest House, Maintenance, Solar Power

3.30 *  *  *  Pause for a cup of tea  *  *  *

4.00 Community Health Team, Helimission.

4.10 EBN (Good News School), Missionary Children. Katy Linley speaks to Dala Bramwell and Joyce Chin

4.20 Mandritsara Bible Baptist Church, Sunday school, Leadership Training, Village churches. Mat & Simon

4.30 FVM Voice of the Good News Radio Station.

4.40 Amis de Mandritsara (AM-FM), Friends of Mandritsara Trust, Finances. Richard Bulmer

4.50 Language learning, Tsimihety Bible translation, news of former missionaries

5.00 Closing

FOM Afternoon of Prayer 2019


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