Friends of Mandritsara

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Mandritsara Team leader

The leader of the missionary team in Mandritsara is Mat Linley, who is a member of the organising committee of the project.

It is best to contact Mat by clicking this link as letter post (snail mail) can take a long time and may get lost.

UK Treasurer

The finances of the Trust in the UK are managed by David Mann.  His address is:

Friends of Mandritsara Trust, 29 Priory Road, Needingworth, Cambridgeshire, PE27 4SD

Click here to send him a message.

The Trust welcomes donations for the support of the projects in Mandritsara. Please click here for details about how to give.

UK Representative

Now that David Mann has retired from full time work at the hospital in Mandritsara, he is available to speak about the work of the project in Mandritsara. If you wish to contact David or Jane, please click this link.

Student electives

If you are a Christian medical student wanting to consider a medical elective at HVM in Mandritsara, please click here to contact Dr Matt Sherratt, who is responsible for the medical elective scheme at HVM.


If you have any queries or suggestions about this website please contact Caroline Bunting, the webmaster by clicking here.


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