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Malagasy Staff

The Good News Hospital (HVM) has a staff of around 140. We couldn’t present to you every single worker, but here is an overview of the heads of department of the hospital.

Dr Adrien Ralaimiarison

(general director of the hospital)

Adrien and Gisele are sent from Ankadivato Bible Baptist Church in Antananarivo.
Adrien qualified in medicine in 1984 from the University of Madagascar, Antananarivo.
He worked in respiratory medicine at the military hospital in Antananarivo, and was also the team doctor to the national volleyball team for 7 years.

Adrien studied English at Abbey School in London in 1991 and then went, with his family, to Nyankunde, Zaire in 1992, where he received his practical surgical training. He was also appointed there to the board of IPASC (Pan African Institute for Community Health).
They have been in Mandritsara since 1994, where Adrien is a surgeon as well as elder in the local Bible Baptist church.

Since then, he has continued his professional development:

  • In 1998 he studied Tropical Medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
  • In 2006, he spent a month at the Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia learning vesico-vaginal fistula repair technique and is now one of very few surgeons in Madagascar doing obstetric fistula repair.
  • A visiting retired paediatric orthopaedic surgeon taught him to repair club feet.

He enjoys playing the piano and the guitar, but most of all, talking about Jesus to people. Dr Adrien is a member of the Gideons International branch in Mandritsara. He often visits prison inmates, teaches at the Sunday school and leads the Saturday teenage Bible class at the hospital. Adrien is very conscious of relying on God’s grace to give him strength every day!
He is married to Gisele and they have three sons: Nomanina (1987), Natanaela (1989) and Nehemiah (1996). Nomanina is working in France, Natanaela is now in Canada working as a pilot in the hope one day of flying for MAF, and Nehemiah is completing his schooling in Antananarivo.


Fianarana and Hahhah

Fianarana was appointed in December 2016 to be the interim Administrateur Délégué (similar to a Chief Executive Officer) for a period of one year commencing on 1st January 2017. He is responsible for all aspects of administration, finance and personnel for the project. Finanarana, and his wife Hana, moved to Mandritsara at the end of January, where they live on the hospital site.

An important part of Finanarana’s work is implement the required changes arising from the Financial Review that took place in October 2016. He is working cosely with Peter MacKenzie, a Scottish Chartered Accountant who is in Mandritsara for a year, and Mme Andrianina, the hospital accountant.

Mme Gisele Ralaimiarison

(principal of the Good News School)

Mme Gisele with her family

Gisele gained a degree in Modern Languages (Spanish) from the University of Madagascar, Antananarivo. She then taught in private schools before marrying Dr Adrien. She initially moved up to Mandritsara as a wife and mother.

Then in 1998, she was asked to be the Principal of the Good News School. The school initially opened with a class of 10 primary children, but over the years has grown and grown, and now has 330 pupils ranging from pre-primary to secondary school (ages 3 to 15). The school in split across two sites, with the younger children located in the centre of the town, and the older ones at a site overlooking the town, which also has a playground and is where the radio station is based. About a third of the pupils are children belong to project staff, who receive subsidised places.

 Dr Hanitra Razanamampionona

(eye doctor)

Hanitra is from Ambositra. She studied medicine in Antananarivo from 1983 to 1994. She moved up to Mandritsara in April 1996 as a general doctor. In 2003 she was trained in ophthalmology in Mandritsara by Dr. Paul Steinkuller, ophthalmologist with Christoffel Blinden Mission. She is now head of the ophthalmology team which has 4 workers. Once a month, she goes to a small church plant in Befandriana to teach the Sunday school.

Dr Jeannine Rasoahanitriniala

(Director of Studies of the nursing school)
Dr Jeannine
Jeannine is from Antananarivo. She qualified as a doctor in 1985 and worked in a government hospital for 5 years in Fort-Dauphin and Tana. She specialised in anaesthetics, emergency care and ITU in Montpellier (France) from 1990 to 1994. She returned to Madagascar in 1994 to work in a Christian project caring for street children affected by the cyclone Geralda.

In April 1995, she was asked to cover a home assignment leave in Mandritsara, so worked in the (then) small clinic for 6 months. In April 1996, she came back to work as an anaesthetist and has stayed ever since! In 2007, she become involved in the nursing school and is now supervising the third group of students, due to finish in summer 2015.

She used to be involved in the creche and pre-school children during the church service and then involved in the women’s meeting. Jeanine’s way of relaxing is reading books.


(Hospital doctor)

Ionisoa finished her medical studies at the University of Antananarivo in 2007. She then worked with an NGO ‘Sante Sud Madagascar’ where she worked as a part of a medical community team in a rural setting. In 2015 just before coming to Mandritsara she was working as a doctor in a business called KRAOMA. She began work at the Good News Hospital in November 2015 and has been an invaluable member of the medical team, where she is also the head of family planning.

Mme Vololoniony

(head of the nursing team)

Mme Vololoniony

Mme Vololoniony

Vololoniony is from Tana. She has been married to Theophile (pharmacy and radiology, see below) since 1988 and they have 3 children: Rija (1989), Maeva (1993) and Andry (1994). Vololoniony studied nursing in Tana between 1990 and 1992. She worked in an orphanage for a year in 1994 before moving up to Mandritsara and becoming the first Malagasy nurse to work at the hospital. In 2003, she became the head nurse. In 2006 she spent a year in Tana studying nursing management. Vololoniony also teaches the children at church.


X-ray department
Theophile is from Tana and has been working at the Good News Hospital since 1996. He underwent training in radiography in Tana and has since been responsible for the X-ray department. He also works next door in the pharmacy, dispensing medicines for the outpatients.

Theophile has a real heart to reach children with the Gospel: he teaches at the Sunday School, has a weekly children programme on the radio called ‘Jesosy tia ny ankizy’ (Jesus loves children) and organises the annual Christmas story presentation in the church with about 300 children each year.

Mr Sarindra

(head of maintenance)

Mr Sarindra with hospital generator

Mr Sarindra with hospital generator

Sarindra is from Antananarivo. He has done a variety of jobs in maintenance (from working on boats in the Canal des Pangalanes, to a knitwear factory, to a printers) before marrying Claudia (now running the Oasis guesthouse in the hospital grounds) in 1996 and moving up to Mandritsara in 1997 to help Johan Coutigny in the maintenance department. Between 1998 and 2003 he did a correspondence course to gain a diploma in electro-mechanical engineering. He also went to India for two months in 2010 to learn to repair and maintain ophthalmology equipment. Sarindra has been head of the maintenance department since 2005 and oversees maintenance work in the hospital, school and church.

They have 2 children: Finaritra (03/02/1999) and Fandresena (23/04/2001). They go to visit the small church plant in Befandriana once a month to teach.


(language teacher)

Bako with Barney Linley

Bako with Barney Linley

Bako is from Tana, although she grew up in the region east of Tana. She studied biosciences from 1990 to 2000 then taught in a primary school in Tana part-time, and doing extra tuition part-time. She then worked for a year in a lab in Tana before coming up to Mandritsara in 2003. Bako taught at the Good News primary school between 2003 and 2005 and then worked at the hospital laboratory from 2005 to 2008.

In 2008 she was asked to become the Malagasy teacher for the missionaries coming to Mandritsara. She teaches all newcomers as well as those who have been here for a while! Since Jane Mann left in October 2013, Bako has taken on responsibility for organising and copying all the materials for Sunday School each week. Bako enjoys doing crafts and reading.

Rija – Tana Office

HVM has an office in Tana, which is very useful for liaising with various government departments and also sourcing supplies from Tana. The office is run by Rija. We require an extra member of staff to assist him.
He is responsible for the importation of medical supplies and containers from Europe, helping obtain visas for missionary staff, families and visitors, finding a wide range of items to be purchased and sent by road or plane to Mandritsara. He is a small but important part of the Good News Project.

Personnel needs

However, we are still in need of more people! Click here for a list of personnel needs.


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