Friends of Mandritsara

Hilde Vlaminckx

Hilde sheltering from the sun

Hilde sheltering from the sun

Hilde is a Belgian missionary, sent through Tearfund Belgium by her home church, Evangelical Church Philadelphia, Antwerp. She trained as a nurse in Antwerp qualifying in 1978 as a general nurse and in 1979 as paediatric nurse. She has been working in a paediatric hospital (neonatal intensive care unit) for many years and has also worked as a district nurse for several years.

Hilde worked at the Good News Hospital in Mandritsara from May 1999 until September 2000, and then from March 2004 until September 2007. In January 2010 she returned for a third term. Hilde has a wide ranging role in the hospital, filling in where there is a need.

Hilde is also involved in the ladies meetings in the local Baptist Church and in evangelism activity in a few villages North of Mandritsara.


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