Friends of Mandritsara

Matt and Sarah Sherratt

sherratt-family-2016-10mediumMatt, Sarah, Hannah and Jacob joined the team in September 2011. They are from Myton Church, in Warwick in the UK and members of SIM (Serving in Mission).
Matt spent time at HVM as a medical student in 2004 and they visited the hospital for a short holiday in 2008. They undertook French language study in Albertville in 2010-2011. They learned Malagasy in Mandritsara with Bako, the language teacher, for 6 months full time before starting work in Spring 2012. In June 2013 Chloe was born and Bethany was born in 2015.

Matt is an anaesthetist and is enjoying working in the hospital, where he works as one of two surgeons. Sarah has worked as a history teacher, and for an organisation involved in evangelism in UK schools. She is teaching English at the Good News School.

Hannah and Jacob enjoy going to the Good News School in the morning.  They are home schooled following the English curriculum each afternoon.  Chloe is about to start full time at the Good News School.  Bethany enjoys playing at home with our helpers, Albertine and Rasoa.


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