Friends of Mandritsara

Naomi Coleman

Naomi Coleman

Naomi Coleman

Naomi Coleman was planning to join the team in Mandritsara in September 2015 to be a home-school teacher for the missionary children. But here departure was delayed while she waited for a work permit and visa. She has left the UK and hopes to be in Mandritsara by 20 November.

Naomi grew up in the South West of England and has lived in Cheltenham for the last nine years. She first met Mat and Katy Linely and family when they attended her church in Cheltenham in 2008; she has been interested in the work in Mandrittsara since that time.

Naomi visited the project in the summer of 2014, spending six weeks with the team and working with the missionary children. This gave her a sense of the value of the work of the hospital and the project to the community, and also some idea of the opportunities to learn and grow in faith which working as part of a cross-cultural missionary project provides.

She will be going to Madagascar as a SIM associate and is being sent by Cambray Baptist Church, Cheltenham.


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