Friends of Mandritsara

Sarah German

SarahGerman-1509 -head+shoulders
Sarah German is a physiotherapist and joined the team at the hospital in October 2015. This will be her first visit to Madagascar. She has agreed to spend two years there.

She is a proud ‘northerner’ having grown up in Sheffield although she studied and worked in Birmingham, and then lived in London for the 3 years to December 2014. She is sent from St Peter’s Fulham (London) and is delighted at being with SIM (Serving in Mission).

Sarah studied in Paris to improve her French. She has now begun a period of learning Malagasy so that she will be able to communicate with her patients and people at church.

Sarah is really excited about working alongside the medical team at The Good News Hospital and will be involved in setting up and developing a physiotherapy service. Her aim is, in God’s power and strength, to develop and to provide an outstanding physio department to help to the many physical needs of the patients at HVM whilst holding out the gospel of hope and introducing them to Jesus – the great healer.


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