Friends of Mandritsara

Vicky Hopley

Vicky by the MAF plane at Tsaratanana

Vicky by the MAF plane at Tsaratanana

Vicky is an optometrist from Newcastle. She previously worked in Mandritsara in 2005-6 and then worked in Antananarivo with CBM (Christian Blind Mission) before returning to the UK to study at All Nations Christian College.

She re-joined the team at Mandritsara in October 2012. Vicky works in the hospital’s eye team alongside 3 malagasy staff: Dr Hanitra, the ophthalmic medical practitioner and Edmond and Jean, ophthalmic nurses. The team operate on approximately 500 cataracts per year. While her colleagues operate twice a week, Vicky continues with the eye clinic.

In 2014, Vicky started a school screening programme in Mandritsara. Over the next 3 years, all children starting school will have their vision screened during their first year. Any child with vision problems will be referred to the eye department at the hospital for a full eye examination.

Vicky teaches at the Saturday Kids Club, providing a fun atmosphere for children who don’t necessarily come to church with their parents. She is also involved with the creche at the new church plant in the village adjacent to the hospital. Working with the children is an excellent way to improve language skills!

Vicky with Dr Hanitra in Mananara

Vicky with Dr Hanitra in Mananara

Several times each year the ‘eye team’ leave the hospital and go on ‘mission’, taking their equipment with them. In 2016 this included trips to Tsaratanana, Mananara and Bealanana.

Mandritsara is surrounded by beautiful hills and Vicky enjoys evening strolls whenever possible.

Vicky is in Mandritsara through FoMT. Her sending church is: St Mary’s, Ponteland  There is a link to “Vicky in Madagascar” under “community”. Her main supporting church is: Frontline Church, Liverpool (

If you would like to contribute to her support, please click here.


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