Friends of Mandritsara



We are seeking to develop a new generation of supporters, so we invite you to join us as a Friend of Mandritsara

So what are we hoping for?

  • Primarily, your prayers for the gospel work in Mandritsara; without prayer the work is in vain
  • Your giving for this gospel work – none of your giving will be spent on UK administration, but all will be used in Mandritsara where people are very poor
  • Your consideration of going to join the team in Mandritsara, for a visit, short-term or long-term; as you get to know the situation in Mandritsara, you will see that there are many opportunities
  • You to become an ambassador, who will tell others about Mandritsara.
Receive regular news

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Please click here to subscribe. You will be invited to enter your email address and a verification message, then click on the “Complete Subscription Request” button. An email will be sent to you to confirm this. Please make sure you click on the confirmation line in this email, or you will not receive any updates. Thanks.

We look forward to you joining us in this great gospel work, for the glory of Jesus!


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