Friends of Mandritsara


A great way to give

We live in uncertain times and you will of course be concerned about providing for your loved ones when you have gone. But have you also considered leaving a gift to charity in your will? When you have died, a legacy can continue to promote gospel work and bring God’s love to those in darkness and need.

Have you written a will? Have you thought to include charitable giving? Will you consider giving to Friends of Mandritsara Trust?

What legacies have done

The receipt of legacies has had a remarkable impact on the Good News Hospital in Mandritsara. A number of the buildings have been constructed from the legacies left to FoMT in the past, including the second part of the nursing school buidling, and several of the house used by the missionary team.

Government incentive

In the same that the government encourages people to give to charities through Gift Aid, it also encourages people to leave legacies to charities in their will. It does this by reducing your tax charge.

If you give away 10% of your net estate to a registered charity, like FoMT, inheritance tax is reduced from 40% to 36%, saving tax, which can be more than the cost of the legacy. You can find out more on the HMRC website.

Details you may need

Our charity details are on our Legal details page. If you have any questions, do please send a message to our treasurer.



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