Friends of Mandritsara

Project Finances

Friends of Mandritsara Trust support the project in supplementing the costs of a wide variety of important tasks and ministries.

Below are some links to further infomation about the finances of the Good News project in Mandritsara.

Planned costs for 2016

The attached page shows the expected income and running costs for the year, and the shortfall requiring support from abroad. It also shows the monthly amount that FoMT needs to raise to keep the project in Mandritsara fully funded for its day to day operations.

Options for giving

If you would like to give to something more specific than a general donation you may be interested in the following pages:

How to help us

If you would like to help us provide this support to the Good News project, please follow a link below:

If you have any questions about giving please send our treasurer a message.


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