Friends of Mandritsara

Project costs – 2016

Mme Andrianina, HVM accountant

Mme Andrianina, HVM accountant

Budgeted Accounts by Activity in GBP


The table below shows the expected income from patients and pupils in Mandritsara, less the expected costs of running the project. The difference is the subsidy that Friends of Mandritsara needs to raise each year and month.

Activity Annual HVM receipts Annual expenses Expected annual subsidy Required monthly
Hospital £141,200 £278,434 £137,234 £11,440
Ophthalmology £42,600 £36,686 -£5,914 -£490
EBN school £21,800 £53,868 £32,068 £2,670
FVM radio £0 £11,083 £11,083 £920
ESFI nursing school £700 £30123 £29,423 £2,450
Community Health £3,800 £43,906 £40,106 £3,340
Total £210,100 £454,100 £244,000 £20,330

If you would like to help us provide this support to the Good News project, please follow a link below:

If you have any questions about giving please send our treasurer a message.


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