Friends of Mandritsara

Staffing costs

New nurses restroom and toilet block

Early stage of new nurses’ restroom and toilet block

The British ambassador to Madagascar has described Madagascar as ‘the poorest non-conflict country in the world’. As such the Association of Bible Baptist Churches of Mandritsara is unable to finance all the costs required to maintain the project in this very needy part of the world.

Would you like to help Friends of Mandritsara Trust support the project meet the following costs?

  • Train a nurse or midwife – three year course – £1,550 per annum
  • Running the Voice of the Good News radio station – £30 per day
  • A teacher’s salary, working in the Good News school – £100 per month
  • Subsidising a high quality Christian education for one child – £100 per year
  • Subsidising TEE (Theological Education by Extension) materials for 12 future leaders – £135
  • An evangelist’s salary – working in the hospital and on mission trips – £100 per month
  • Mission outreach/vaccination trip to remote villages with Helimission – £1500 per trip.

All the above tasks are important for the continued operation and mission of the project.

How to give

If you would like to help us provide this support to the Good News project, please follow a link below:

  • UK Giving, if you live in the UK, or
  • International Giving, if you live outside the UK, or
  • The PayPal payment form below – afterwards we will take you to our online Gift Page – please Gift Aid if you are eligible.

If you have any questions about giving please send our treasurer a message.

PayPal payment form

Individual items:



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