Friends of Mandritsara

UK giving

General Fund

It is money from the General Fund which helps to keep the hospital and school running. We require about £250,000 for 2019, or £20,800 per month.

Below are a number of options on how to give from a UK bank account or debit card to the General Fund of the Good News project:

  • a regular gift – please click here – for standing order forms and details to set up a recurring payment online
  • a single or one-off donation – please click here – by cheque, direct from your bank account, or via PayPal
  • also Gift Aid, which can increase your gift by 25% at no cost to you – please click here  if you are a UK tax payer and willing to use Gift Aid.
Other funds

We also have a number of restricted funds for secific purposes, which include:

  • the Mandritsara Bible Baptist Church
  • the purchase of leaflets and other evangelistic material
  • the Poor fund – to pay hospital fees for those who cannot afford the modest fees
  • the training of local pastors and for men to attend the Bible Baptist seminary in Antsirabe.

To give to these funds you can use the General Fund methods above, but please also message our treasurer and give him details of the purpose of your gift. He will then be able to make sure the money is allocated to the correct fund.


If you have any questions about giving or the work the charity does in Mandritsara do please contact us by clicking here.

Regular gift  —  One-off donation  —  Gift Aid  —  International giving


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