Friends of Mandritsara

History of the project

Project commencement

In 1988 Africa Evangelical Fellowship (AEF) signed an agreement with the Association of Bible Baptist Churches of Madagascar (FFBBM) for a medical/evangelistic project in North-west Madagascar. After consultation with the Malagasy Ministry of Health, Mandritsara was chosen as the location of the project.

The first AEF missionaries arrived in Madagascar in 1992, and moved to Mandritsara in 1993.

Medical clinic and hospital phase 1

A small outpatient clinic was opened in the town in February 1995. Meanwhile, in late 1993 the project started the building a hospital about a mile north of the town. Phase 1 of the hospital opened in May 1996.

Hospital phase 2 onwards

Phase 2, with 2 inpatient blocks was opened in November 1998 and patients were admitted to the first ward in January 1999.

Hospital ward

Hospital ward

The “Bloc Polyvalent” including the eye department was opened in February 2001 and the new theatre block in December 2003.

A Maternity block, a Community Health block and the first of 2 buildings for the School of Nursing were completed in October 2006.

Accommodation for short term visitors (Oasis Guesthouse) was built from 2007-2009.

The maternity department was opened in September 2011.

Three new staff houses and a second building for the Nursing School were completed during 2012.

A new block was built new the hospital entrance during 2015, with part comprimising visitor toilets, with the larger part being a staff rest room, with toilets and showers.

A much more detailed of the early history can be found here.


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