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Medical electives

Dr Matt Sherratt

Dr Matt Sherratt

Each year a few medical students visit the Good News Hospital to undertake their medical electives. You will see from the following links to the CMF and our own website that they find it to be a great experience, medically and in other ways too!

You may also find it useful to read the CMF ‘Electives Handbook‘. CMF also provide other useful resources on their Electives page.

Please note that you will need to be able to read and speak French as this is the medical language of the hospital. Also, we expect you to be in sympathy with the mission statement of the hospital

If you are a medical student interested in doing your elective in Mandritsara, please click here to send a message to Dr Matt Sherratt. If the hospital is interested in having you, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire.

Once you have done that you will directed to our volunteer website which will help you through the necessary steps you need to complete before you go, which will include having a DBS check and signing our liability waiver form.


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