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Best Friend




Dear Boys and Girls



Do you have a Best Friend? Someone you really like to visit. Someone you like to talk to, to share secrets with, and to play with? Someone who will make you happy when you are feeling sad? Someone who will help you when you need a hand. Someone who, when you have a problem, will help you to find a solution. That’s a true friend. If you have a friend like that, you must be a happy boy or girl!

I have a Best Friend and I would like to tell you about Him. He is the Best Friend of many people, people all over the world, children and young people and grown-ups. He can be your Best friend too. May I tell you about Him?

His Name is Jesus. It’s a very nice Name. It’s a Name that has a special meaning. It means Saviour. A Saviour is someone who can help us when we are in great need. Someone who can rescue us from a situation from which we cannot rescue ourselves.

His Name was given in a special way. An angel came from God and told a lady called Mary that she would have a baby and that His Name would be Jesus. When Mary had the baby Jesus, He did not have an ordinary father like you and me. His Father is God in heaven. God put the baby Jesus in Mary’s womb, and God sent the angel to tell Mary that Jesus would have a very special thing to do in the world. He was coming to save. To save people from their biggest problem and from their biggest danger. He was coming to save people from their sins.

So Jesus was born, many years ago. While He lived on earth He did many wonderful things. He healed sick people – not with medicine, but by just telling the sickness to go away. He could do that because He is the Son of God. He chased away many bad spirits too – spirits that were troubling people. All bad spirits are afraid of Jesus because He is the Son of God. Everything that Jesus did was good and kind. He never did a bad thing, He never said a bad word, and He never thought bad thoughts. He was not like you and me. We have all these bad things inside us. They are called sin. But Jesus had no sin.

One day He died. He was not sick. He was not old. He was killed by wicked people. They nailed Him to a cross of wood where He hung and suffered until He died. But it was not a surprise for Him. And He was not afraid to die. In fact, many years before He was even born, God had planned that Jesus would die like this. That is why God had given Him the Name Jesus. Because when He died, He became the Saviour.

You and I are both sinners. All people are sinners. Even small children are sinners. But God in heaven, who made us, is very Holy. For God, sin is something very bad indeed. He will punish it one day. He has prepared a place where the punishment of sinners lasts forever.

But when Jesus died, He became the Saviour for sinners. When He was hanging on the cross, God put on Jesus the sin of many, many people – grown-ups, young people and children. Jesus took their punishment, so that they will never have to go to the place of punishment that God has prepared for sinners.

After Jesus had died, He was buried. Three days later He rose from the dead. He came back to life. He showed that He is stronger than death. Many people saw Him, so we can be sure it is true. After that He went back to be with God the Father in heaven, which is where He had been before He was born in the world. One day He will come back again and make a new place for all those whom He has saved to live in. It will be wonderful! All those people will be His friends forever.

He can become your Best Friend too. In God’s special book, the Bible, Jesus says to all people, everywhere “Come to Me.” He says “I am the way, the truth and the life; no-one comes to the Father except through Me.” If you want to go and visit someone important, you must wash and put on nice clothes and shoes. But Jesus is not like that. We can never make ourselves good enough for Him. So we must come, just as we are. We must say that we are really sorry for all the bad things we have done and thought and said. We must ask Him to forgive us and to give us new, clean hearts to love Him.

If we come to Him like that, He will make us His friends, and He will then be with us every day, wherever we are. We can always talk to Him. He is not far away – He will hear us and look after us. Even when we are sick, and when we die, He will be near us and will never leave us. He will take us to be with Him in heaven. What a wonderful Friend He is!


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