Friends of Mandritsara

Eye surgery

EyeSurgeon-DrHanitraThe ‘Eye team’ has grown to be an important part of the work of the hospital, not only in Mandritsara but also in other parts of Madagascar.

Madagascar has the second highest incidence of cataracts in the world.So the ‘Eye team’ performs and important role in Mandritsara and regions beyond.

Dr Hanitra is our opthalmic medical officer  and eye surgeon. She was trained in 2003-2004 by Dr Paul Steinkuller of CBM. She is also head of the ‘eye department’. Her team comprises:

  • Vicky Hopley, an optometerist from the UK
  • Edmond, a refractionist, and
  • Jean, a health care assistant

The eye team makes regular trips to Mananarara (on the east coast) and Bealanana (to the north west), performing cataract surgery in areas that would normally involve the patients walking three days or more to Mandritsara.

The team also links up with Hoveraid medical trips twice a year. Also, as part of seeking to establish a medical and church planting work the team has made trips to Maintirano on the west coast.


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