Friends of Mandritsara


The aim of the hospital is not only to minister physically and socially by bringing health and healing, but even more importantly to minister spiritually by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and of salvation in Him. This is the reason for the name “Good News Hospital”. We do this in various ways, including:

  • Gospel services, at which the gospel message is explained, are held each morning in the outpatient department and twice a day in the wards.
  • We employ two full-time hospital evangelists who talk to patients and their families as they wait to see the doctor. Tracts in Malagasy explaining the way of salvation, bringing help to the bereaved, counsel to those considering an abortion etc are available.
  • Before each operation, with the agreement of the patient, the surgeon and operating theatre staff pray for the patient and commit the operation to God.
  • A Bible study is held for the hospital maintenance staff every Monday morning.
  • There is a weekly staff meeting which includes a gospel message.
  • The Community Health team take every opportunity to share the Good News about salvation through Christ, as they work in the town and countryside.
  • Teams from the church in Mandritsara regularly visit villages in the region.
  • There are many other opportunities for personal witness.


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