Friends of Mandritsara

Laboratory, X-ray and ultrasound


There are currently 4 full-time laboratory personnel: Jean Pierre, Marline, Vola, and Tiana. Bako, the Malagasy language teacher, who is also a trained laboratory technician, does occasional on-call weekends and night time shifts.

The lab is equipped to perform a number of tests including testing for tuberculosis, meningitis, intestinal parasites, malaria, Hepatitis B, HIV, measuring blood glucose and doing microscopic examination of urine, amongst others.

Haematology tests include measuring haemoglobin, performing white cell counts and differentials, red cell morphology, detecting Sickle Cell trait, blood grouping, and cross-matching for blood transfusion.

There are two technicians, Theophile Randrianoely who is assisted by Dauphin. We have a modern X-ray machine donated by World Medical Mission (Samaritan’s Purse). Developing is done by hand in tanks. X-rays can be taken of the skeletal system, chest, and abdomen. Intravenous pyelogram and hysterosalpingogram can be performed.


We have a small ultrasound machine and can do basic examination of pelvic and abdominal organs. The area of greatest usefulness is in pregnancy and in the identification of pelvic masses.


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