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IMG_0782In 2005, a maternity unit was built in HVM to provide care for women and their babies, however, due to a lack of midwives, this remained closed. Women had to deliver at home, although a small number delivered at the local hospital, but were referred to HVM for Cesarean section if any complications arose.

In September 2011 HVM opened a 17 bed maternity ward, initially staffed by two European midwives (Claire-Lise and Laure-Anne), with local maternity assistants. In March 2013 Laure-Anne completed her two year period of service and returned to France.

Traditional Birth Attendant training

Natural Birth Attendant training

The midwifery team have also provided some training for local Traditional Birth Attendants, and are hoping to do more with the support of the Community Health Team.

Then in August 2013 five Malagasy midwives joined the team, which was a great answer to our prayers. So there is now a team of 5 midwives and 6 healthcare assistants working together, providing care for around 40 births a month, 150 antenatal consultations and, as well as in other parts of the hospital, a twice daily gospel service for the patients and their carers.



In September 2015 four midwifery students qualified from the nuring school (ESFI) and joined the staff.

From January to June Laure-Anne is back covering for Claire-Lise’s home assigment.

In August 2016 Claire-Lise and her family returned to the UK completing their service in Mandritsara.

Staffing needs

We now need a missionary midwife to help the Maternity departmentsee job advert and enquiry form 


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