Friends of Mandritsara


Routine outpatient consultations are held each morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday. Urgent cases are also seen on Saturday mornings. At other times the patient is directed to the ward, from where the doctor is called.
Outpatients-queing for registration-01
A gospel service is held at 07h30 in the reception area, followed by a health talk given by one of the nurses or assistant nurses. The health talks cover such issues as diarrhoea, personal hygiene, vaccinations, treating a child with fever, nutrition, sexually transmitted diseases, intestinal parasites etc.

Katy - outpatient consultation

Katy – outpatient consultation

Patients bring a small notebook (carnet) which is their health record. They are given a number by the receptionist and then wait to be called by the doctor. There are usually two or three doctors doing consultations each morning. The doctor may send the patient for a lab test, X-ray or ultrasound before prescribing any treatment. They may be sent to the treatment room for dressings, injections or minor surgery.

They then pay their fee to the cashier (which may include the consultation fee, cost of laboratory tests, X-rays and/or medicine) and pick up the medicines from the hospital pharmacy.

All patients are seen and given the appropriate treatments as required. However, some people are unable to afford their treatment and in these cases help may be available from the Friends of Mandritsara ‘Poor Fund’. There are other specific funds to help people suffering from diabetes requiring insulin and the often disfiguring Burkitt’s Lymphoma.


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