Friends of Mandritsara

Good News School


The initial vision for this part of the project was to provide a school for children of staff coming from elsewhere in Madagascar (particularly Antananarivo), so that parents would not feel obliged to return to Antananarivo for their children’s education. The aim is to provide good quality Christian education in French, starting from pre-school.


The school opened in 1998 with 10 children in one room. Each year an extra class has been added and now there are over 300 pupils and a staff (some part time) of 23! The school is split across two sites. The pre-school (prescolaire) has three classes for children aged 3-6. The main school has nine classes (up to age 15) in the converted house “Maison Tsiranana”, which was the home of the first president on Madagascar.

Children of workers at the hospital have priority for places and spaces left are allocated on a first come first served basis. Senior civil servants and other influential citizens of the town are sending their children to the school. Dr Adrien’s wife, Gisele, is the school Directrice.


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