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Radio Station

Feon’ny Vaovao Mahafaly – FVM (Voice of the Gospel) 92.00 mHz FM

Radio mast and office

Radio mast and office

The Voice of the Good News radio station started broadcasting to Mandritsara and district in late 2006. Initially the studio was one of the rooms in the Community Health building at the hospital. The advantage of that was that the electricity supply was assured from the hospital generators when town electricity is unavailable. However, there was only one small room, and the hospital is quite low-lying, which was a disadvantage from the point of view of the antenna and the range of the station. So it was decided to refurbish the garage of the building which houses the Good News school in town and convert it into a studio. This is now in use; it is situated in the high part of the town, and also has several rooms, but the disadvantage is that when there are power cuts from the town electricity,the station is dependent on a small stand-by generator. This itself has been unreliable, so currently we are seeking a longer-term solution to powering the radio, perhaps solar energy.

The station broadcasts from 05.30 to 21.00. There is a variety of gospel and Bible teaching programmes, programmes specially for children and for women, cookery programmes, health education, French language learning, news from the hospital and from the village health work, and lots of Christian music. It is almost all in Malagasy, though there is also Bible-teaching in French. As a Christian local radio station, we are very careful to avoid any political slant.

Diamondra with his wife and daughter

Diamondra with his wife and daughter

Diamondra is the station head. He has had Bible training at the Baptist Bible Seminary in Antsirabe as well as radio training in Antananarivo. Stella is the station presenter, and has also had some training in radio journalism and presenting. Others from the hospital and local church are involved in programme production and we are actively seeking additional skilled staff, called by God to this ministry.

The transmitter is a fairly old, but sturdy machine that was kindly donated by friends in Switzerland. The antenna is mounted on a locally-made mast.

Please pray for the radio station and the spreading of the gospel message in the Mandritsara district through its ministry, particularly to remote and isolated villages. Please pray too that the Lord might call other skilled and committed workers to join the team.


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