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School of Nursing

Dr Jeannine

Dr Jeannine

The School of Nursing commenced in 2006. Dr. Lalie is the School Director, and Dr Jeannine is the Director of Studies.

The school has a three year curriculum. The first group of eleven students graduated in July 2009; the second group of eight students graduated in July 2012; the third group of 14 students started in October 2012, with eleven graduating in August 2015. Of these four joined the maternity unit and five joined the hospital’s nursing team. In October 2015 its fourth intake commenced with seven students.

IMG_0229It is quite challenging to run a school in a place as remote as Mandritsara. Thank you for praying for the directors of the school.

The school is now approved to award a diploma which has the equivalent value as a diploma from a government school. In the past year we have received two visits from the Minister of Education, and on her last visit in August 2013 she and her husband stayed over at the Oasis guesthouse.

We are grateful for funds granted from the Dutch Evangelical Broadcast Company that enabled us to build the first building with two classrooms (for theory and practice). The second building with student study rooms, an office, toilets, was completed in 2012.


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