Friends of Mandritsara

Mann’s update – 29th October 2016

Dear Friends

Things begin to warm up in Mandritsara in October. The weather is becoming hot, and the prospect of rains is still a couple of months away. And October is the start of the academic year. The Good News School is back in full swing, with over 300 children receiving Bible teaching each day alongside the rest of the curriculum.

October is also the start of the Sunday School year in the churches. Children’s work plays an important part in Church life in Madagascar, which is a wonderful thing, particularly given that such a large percentage of the population is under 16. When we left Mandritsara 3 years ago, Jane had produced a 3-year “through the Bible” series of lessons and pictures for the 3 to 7 year-olds and nearly 250 lesson outlines and pictures covering the whole of the Bible narrative from Genesis to Revelation for the older children and adults. All of these are in Malagasy and we are glad to hear that they are still being faithfully used….

Mann’s update – 29th October 2016


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