Friends of Mandritsara

Mann’s update – 19th December 2016

Dear Friends

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful servants.” Psalm 116:15

Madame Vao: We were very sad last week to hear of the death of a Malagasy lady in Antananarivo who had been a very kind friend to us since we first arrived in Madagascar. Vao was a wise and educated lady and a dear Christian. Her husband worked with UNESCO and they had lived in France and Germany for many years and she spoke fluent French, English and German. When David first visited Madagascar in 1990, he attended a meeting between a delegation from Africa Evangelical Fellowship and the Association of Bible Baptist Churches in her house. Her husband died shortly after this. She was married again to another Christian man who had lost his wife, but he too died several years ago.

She was a lady who, like Dorcas in Acts 9, went about doing good and helping the poor. She was always on the look-out for things that needed to be done – and then finding a way to do them. For example, she wanted to help the young Christian wives to have the confidence to invite others to come and eat in their houses, so she started cookery classes in her home to help them prepare attractive meals on a tight budget….

Mann’s update 19th December 2016


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