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Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar June 2017

Never a dull Moment: this past month has absolutely whizzed by and until Hanitra got back from annual leave last week, I hardly had a moment to spare. As well as covering the clinic, the situation with the ophthalmic drugs being denied access through customs was proving a challenge. Our colleagues in Tana had been trying to deal with the situation, but there came a moment when they felt it was more appropriate for myself and the Director of the hospital to head down to Tana and plead our case at the Ministry of Health. We did just that, jumping on the taxi-brousse the following day for the twenty hour overnight journey to the capital. After a few hours’ sleep, a good shower and a strong cup of coffee, we were suitably attired and sitting in the waiting room at the Ministry of Health. The Minister of Health is a very busy man and unfortunately we were unable to see him, so we left all our documents with a covering letter and made another appointment for 4th July. We had at least tried. Please continue to pray for this ongoing situation….

Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar June 2017


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