Friends of Mandritsara

Mann’s update 2nd August 2017

Dear Friends,

Preaching the Good News while pulling a leg
Many in-patients at the Good News Hospital are only there for a few days. But there are some who are in the wards for weeks on end. Like children who break a leg. The treatment, in Mandritsara, for a broken femur is traction.Pulling a leg. In the case of children, the traction is attached to the leg with a length of wide sticky tape (adhesive strapping) which goes from the knee, down the outside of the leg, loops across the heel and back up the inside of the
same leg to the knee. A small piece of wood is placed inside the loop of sticky tape and a piece of cord is attached to that. This runs over the rail at the foot of the bed and is attached to a weight – one seventh of the weight of the patient to be precise – usually pieces of brick in an old bag. It may sound primitive – it is certainly not too costly – but it is very effective….

Mann’s update – 2nd August 2017


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