Friends of Mandritsara

Vicky Hopley’s Focus on Madagascar October 2018

Family, Friends and Adventures
It was great to welcome my parents back to Mandritsara and for them to experience a little of life here. They arrived just at the moment when the project experienced problems with the town’s water supply and we were back to living with buckets. My parents described life in Mandritsara as “camping”!! We set off towards our holiday destination on the west coast, taking three days drive to get there but stopping en route at a National Park and continuing along the same theme of adventure and “camping”. We enjoyed seeing some beautiful indigenous birds and some impressive baobab trees. It was so lovely to arrive at the amazing beach hotel and experience a few days of luxury before having to hit the road again for a twelve hour drive back to the capital. Madagascar is so full of amazing beauty but in order to experience it you have to be prepared to travel. I waved my parents off at the airport and then positioned myself at arrivals to greet my next visitors, John and Mair Pugh who had set up the project’s nursing school twelve years ago. We travelled back up to Mandritsara together and they enjoyed a week catching up with their former students and being encouraged by meeting all the other nurses who have been trained through the school….

Vicky Prayerletter October 2018


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