Friends of Mandritsara

Missionary personnel

The team of Christians working in Mandritsara at the hospital, school and radio station is quite diverse.
While the majority of the staff come from the Mandritsara district, a number of the staff come from other parts of Madagascar, primarily in and around the capital, Antananarivo.

AM-FM missionary team - April 2015

AM-FM missionary team – April 2015

The missionary team at Mandritsara all work under the auspices of ‘Amis de Mandritsara‘ (often referred to as AM-FM), whether they are supported through Friends of Mandritsara Trust, AIM, SIM, Tearfund Belgium, Mission Plus or any other organisation.

The current team of missionaries working in Mandritsara come from Belgium, Switzerland and the UK (though in the past it has included people from France and Australia):

Also, from time to time there are medical students, visiting doctors and nurses and others working at the hospital, school or church.

Former Missionary Personnel who have been fundamental to our success! -see here

Staffing needs

However, we are still in need of more people! Click here for a list of personnel needs.



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