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DSC00335The Good News project in Mandritsara depends on gifts from overseas to continue running. Some money is raised locally in Mandritsara from patients and school children, but they still require about £245,000 for 2016 (£243,000 for 2015) to support the project.

So please join us in keeping the hospital, school, radio station, community health team, and eye team all running for the benefit of people in this remote area of northern Madagascar.

Solar Panel appeal!
The Solar Panel Project, seeking to provide the Good News Hospital with and enduring supply of electricity direct from the Lord’s gift of sunshine, is underway. The total cost of the project is £50,000 and we wish to invite individuals, families, churches and other organisations to consider supporting this initiative.
Suggestions of how you could help include:
  • Sponsor a battery – there are 36 solar batteries costing £700 each
  • Sponsor a solar panel – there are 130 solar panels costing £120 each
  • “A light for a light” – we invite you to count the number of light sources, electricity sockets and switches in your home or place of work and make a donation per item (suggestion of 10 or 20p)
  • “Staying switched on!” – for children to count how many times light and electricity switches are turned off and on in a week and donate per item (suggestion of 2 or 5p)
  • Undetake a sponsored challenge – Tamsin Booth recently cycled 770Km in 7 days across the Pyrenees in support of this appeal!

To support this appeal please contact the treasurer here.

UK giving

To make a donation from a UK bank or payment card, please click here

This UK giving section also gives information about how you can increase your donation by using Gift Aid.

International giving

To make an international gift from outside the UK – please click here


You may also wish to include Friends of Mandritsara as a legacy in your will. Click here for more information.

Project finances

If you wish to see the annual costs of the project, or make a donation for a specific purpose, then please follow this link.

Supporting missionaries

Most of the missionary team working in Mandritsara are supported through mission agencies, such as AIM, SIM, Tearfund and Mission Plus.

However, there are some who raise their support through FoMT, such as Vicky Hopley. Click here to give to the support of Vicky.


If you have any questions about giving or the work the charity does in Mandritsara do please contact us by clicking here.



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