Friends of Mandritsara

Supporting patients

Many are shoeless

Madagascar has been described by the British ambassador as ‘the poorest non-conflict country in the world’. As such its people, and especially those in remote areas like Mandritsara, are unable to finance all their own medical and educational needs.

Would you like to help Friends of Mandritsara Trust support those in great need? Here is a sample of fees charged to patients:

  • Cataract operation – £40
  • Malaria test and treatment – £5
  • Normal birth in the maternity unit – £20
  • A Caesarean section – £50
  • Hernia repair – £30
  • Strangulated hernia – £40
  • Fistula operation – £60
  • Club foot – £25

These prices are set to be affordable to the people we serve in and around Mandritsara. They do not cover all the costs involved. Typically the hospital raises about one-third of costs locally, so we seek funds to pay the extra two-thirds.

How to give

If you would like to help us provide this support to the Good News project, please follow a link below:

  • UK Giving, if you live in the UK, or
  • International Giving, if you live outside the UK, or
  • The PayPal payment form below – afterwards we will take you to our online Gift Aid Page – please Gift Aid if you are eligible.

If you have any questions about how to give please send our treasurer a message.

PayPal payment form

Individual items:



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