Friends of Mandritsara


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs well as those who will pray for and give to the gospel work in Mandritsara, we also need Christians who are…

…willing to GO!


Immediate personnel needs

We have the following immediate needs:

Note: If you are looking for details about medical electives, please click here.

Other opportunities

There are a variety of options for those wanting to go to Mandritsara and help at the Good News Project

  • Bible teachers – to help train the village pastors
  • doctor/nurse/surgeon/therapist – even a medical trainer, and able to help out in the hospital for a period of three weeks or more, then there are probably opportunities for your skills to be used, either when there is a shortage of staff or to cover holiday periods. Some go for as long as two years.
  • motor mechanic, builder, plumber, electrician, the Maintenance department could do with your skills.
  • IT specialist who could help maintain laptops or install (or advise on )a computer network and/or an accountant/bookkeeper who could help with the hospital/mission team finances.
  • Full personnel needs :  See Personnel Page

All who go to work in the project will need to read and speak French as this is the working language of the hospital/school. Also, we expect you to be in sympathy with the mission statement of the hospital.

Interested? then …

Interested?  Then please send a message to mission opportunities giving as much information as possible:- potential role, how long, when, French ability, etc.

Preparations to go

There are a number of preparations required before someone can go to Mandritsara. We require all volunteers to go through a check with the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), those working in Mandritsara will require a work permit and a visa before departure. We have a separate website to help all volunteers with the ‘steps to go‘. Once your initial application has been accepted do visit our Volunteering website, which has lots of useful information and will get you ready to go.


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