Friends of Mandritsara

Holiday Bible Clubs

The Holiday Bible Clubs have been held during the long holidays each July and August. Due to work or study commitments, most of those leading the Clubs are not available on week days, and so we run the Club on Saturday afternoons. The programme covers five weeks, and the sixth week is devoted to revision in quiz form and encouragement to go on learning more of the Lord by coming to Sunday School and church.


Each year we find that many children from the village where the Club is held are contacted for the first time. Others from surrounding villages and from Mandritsara itself are also attracted. Another benefit of the Club is the opportunity it gives for committed young people who have come through Sunday School to begin taking leadership in one form or another. Some who have now gone away to study have taken the initiative to run similar Holiday Bible Clubs in their university or college town.


A typical Club programme would be:

  • Teachers meet beforehand to pray.
  • Welcome and explanation (especially on first Saturday) as to how the Club will run.
  • Opening Prayer
  • Songs which will impart simple Bible truths and set a joyful tone to opening of Club.
  • Children divide into age groups for open-air games, then remain in their group for session which will follow.
  • Song.
  • Memory Verse.
  • Competitive Quiz with aim of revising previous week’s Bible teaching.
  • HBC-04

  • Visualized Bible Lesson.
  • Song.
  • Visualized Missionary Story with which the children can easily identify and which helps to illustrate the way of salvation. This is serialized over the five weeks.
  • Closing song, prayer and encouragement to return the following week and bring a friend

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