Friends of Mandritsara

Community Health Team

The Community Health Department was founded by Dr Pierre Andrzejewski from France, supported by Tearfund UK.

Currently there is no external agency funding the team’s work,

The team is led by M. Andry (see photo).

Health education

Assistant nurses have been taught to give health education, and sessions are held for the patients and relatives each morning in the outpatient department.

Village Health Workers

CommunityHealthTeam-crossing river by dugoutSix workers have been trained to provide basic preventive medical care, and some curative care, in villages allocated to us by the government health department. The workers were selected by their villages according to criteria provided by HVM. The villages have also erected simple buildings for this work, with some help from HVM. Gradually more and more village health workers are being trained.

Village Vaccinations

Village Vaccinations

Vaccination sessions are undertaken at the hospital and in certain villages allocated to us by the government health department

Toilet building

A project has been started to encourage the construction of toilets by schools and households. A bricklayer has been employed to do the practical work.


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