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Outpatients waiting area

Outpatients waiting area

The work of Hopitaly Vaovao Mahafaly (HVM) or the Good News Hospital has developed and grown over the years since it started as a clinic in 1995.

HVM, as it is affectionally referred to by the staff, is an amazing hospital. Some patients live locally, while others  travel 200 Km or more to get there, often taking several days. They come because it is the best hospital for many miles around, serving an area about half the size of Wales.

HVM is also respected by the Ministry of Health and by the government at large. In 2013 the Minister of Health visited the hospial, while in 2012 the Prime Minister of Madagascar and several other ministers visited the hospital.

But best of all, as well as getting medical care, they also receive the Good News of the gospel, which is shared in morning and evening services and in one to one conversations.

HVM now comprises:
Staffing needs

A long term general doctor is needed. Please click here for more details and other staffing needs.


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