Friends of Mandritsara


When the wards were built a room for physiotherapy was included, but apart from short-term visits, no physiotherapist had yet joined the team.

However, a physio arrived in Mandritsara in October 2015.

Officially opened!

WP_20160229_07_24_50_ProThe physiotherapy and rehabilitation department officially opened its doors at the end of January 2016 with the aim of providing a long term and sustainable service which serves and complements the already excellent care provided by the hospital.

WP_20160412_11_53_47_ProThe department is involved in the care of both in- and out-patients which means the case load is varied: from treating those with acute respiratory needs, to helping those following a fracture to manual handling advice for staff. They have even recently attempted, with the help of one of the doctors and their translator, to make a prosthetic leg!

The department is also looking into ways it can reach into the local community through setting up a group for children with disabilities and supporting local people make wheelchairs and other rehabilitation material and equipment. Teaching and training Malagasy hospital staff members is central to the department’s work and so there are 3 nurses assigned to the department who have been trained by Sarah German-UK physiotherapist in basic rehabilitation skills during 2015-2017.

The very heart of the department is to provide care for the physical needs of the patients it sees alongside seeking to hold out the gospel and the love, grace and ultimate healing that only Jesus can truly bring.


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