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The operating theatre block consists of two air-conditioned operating theatres, a sterilising and preparation room, patient preparation/recovery rooms, changing cubicles, showers, toilets, scrub-up areas and a staff rest room.

Routine operating days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Minor ops are done on Friday mornings and emergency operations at any time! There is a theatre nursing team of 5. Three of these are on emergency call at night. There are 2 trained surgeons: David Mann and Adrien Ralaimiarison. At night and weekends the driver on duty will drive into town in the Land Rover to pick up the theatre team (the surgeons live at the hospital, but the theatre nursing team live in town, about a mile away).

Equipment available in the theatre includes oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeter, electric suction machines and a diathermy machine. There are overhead theatre lights and standard hydraulic operating tables. We do not have anaesthetic gases but use a ‘Glostavent’ machine for general anaesthesia. This consists of a pulmovent ventilator driven by compressed air from a modified oxygen concentrator. It delivers atmospheric air supplemented by oxygen from the oxygen concentrator to the patient.

Operations performed include hernia (including inguinal, femoral, umbilical, epigastric and strangulated hernias), hydrocele, hysterectomy (usually for large fibroids), ovarian cystectomy, uterine dilatation and curettage, Caesarean section, laparotomy (for ruptured ectopic pregnancy, peritonitis following criminal abortions or other gynaecological causes, perforated typhoid ulcers etc), vesico-vaginal fistula repair, cleft lip repair, skin graft, club foot surgery, trauma surgery etc.


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